How do I feed my child really healthy

A healthy diet is the alpha and omega! Especially when the offspring are born in the nursery, adequate sleep and a healthy diet are important, so the kids get a lot of energy for the day. As breakfast, lunch, dinner and even small treats should look in between, you can read here:

Breakfast: Breakfast is especially important for children to get a good start to the day. Since our body works during sleep as to obtain all body functions upright, he needs a healthy breakfast to replenish the energy stores. This is enough time to have breakfast in tranquility, provide clever mothers the alarm clock a little earlier. For a healthy breakfast, which makes up for the day in kindergarten, should fresh fruit, a glass of juice (preferably pressed itself!) And a whole-grain breads feature. For children who have a hard time in the morning to eat something, it should be at least a glass of juice and a yogurt.

Kindergarten snack: Since breakfast usually is not sufficient to noon, to stay active, you should be sure to give your child a snack with in kindergarten. For as a snack brings new strength for boisterous play, romp, learning, and also singing. It’s best to give your child with a thin sandwich and some chopped fruit or raw vegetables. But not only food, but also drinking is important! Children should drink plenty of water or fruit juice, so the body can function correctly. Remind your child at home because regular drinking.

Lunch: At lunch, vegetables or salad should always be there! However, potatoes, pasta or rice are important energy supplier for your child. Although meat is a source of iron, but should not be on the menu daily. Fish, however, can still one to two times a week on the plate. For a sufficient iodine intake of fish is particularly important.

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